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Redefining success according to Jesus

Redefining success according to Jesus

Is your definition of success harming you?

Dr. Omar Djoeandy

What is a successful life?

Most people suffer from harmful definitions of success, but many are unaware. We seek success in our career, family, relationships and spiritual lives. But success is elusive, fleeting and addictive. We reach a high only to want more with the next upgrade, promotion or achievement.

“Is your definition of success harming you?”

Some definitions of success are harmful. Defining success according to our achievements, popularity, looks, possessions and other outward symbols leaves us feeling disappointed, restless, inadequate, afraid, empty and craving for more.

Even among the religious. According to McCrindle Research* Australian churchgoers remain enthralled by possessions. Well-meaning people are crippled by debt, exhausted from working long hours, irritated in relationships and unfulfilled in their pursuit of success.

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