Member Benefits

Member Benefits

We connect over 155 mission agencies, churches and bible colleges across Australia as our Members and Associates, as well as like-minded organisations and individuals we consider MI Friends.

Joining Missions Interlink will provide your organisations with a number of privileges and many other benefits through collaboration and being part of a wider community of God's people with a passion and involvement in global mission. In addition, by working together, each organisation's capacity is increased as they support churches' engagement in global mission.

Here is the list of benefits of becoming an MI Member and Associate. To explore specific services available for Churches, Colleges and MI Friends, please scroll down.



  • Promotion of events on MI website, social media and through the State networks

  • Free access to unlimited advertising of employment and short & long term mission opportunities on Mission Seek

  • Free access to unlimited listings of the projects to seek fundraising on our mission giving platform Give Higher

  • MI Members are entitled to use the Accredited Member of Missions Interlink logo on their website, stationery and publications while MI Associates are provided with an MI Associate logo




Access to resources

  • Not-For-Profit Governance - MI assists in the dissemination and comprehension of legislative information

  • Templates for Mission-related policies and procedures

  • Access to a network of amazing mission speakers and other college mission leaders

  • Webinars

  • Discounted (and often free) webinars on global mission and not-for-profit issues, as well as professional areas like security, social media, adult learning etc


Financial benefits

  • Significant discount for MI events, retreats and training programs

  • Free access to unlimited listings of the projects to seek fundraising on our mission-giving platform Give Higher

  • Free access to unlimited advertising of employment and short & long-term mission opportunities on Mission Seek

  • Discounted insurance for long-term travel from EA Mission Care

  • Discounted corporate travel insurance through MI Group Travel policy

  • Discounted rates for flight hotels (contact us) and car hire (click here) through FCM

  • Exemption from Australian income tax for organisations and personnel serving overseas, through recognition by the ATO as a member of a prescribed institution under Income Tax Assessment (1997 Act) Regulations 2021 – Reg 50.50.02. Summary of Tax Exemption for Charities 2022. For more information, go to this ATO website.


Your staff wellbeing

The well-being of your personnel and volunteers is essential to us.  The Aldinga Beach Retreat House is available to all our members to rent at a special rate. This beautiful, modern three-bedroom retreat house on the beach provides respite stays to mission workers and church staff.  A one-hour drive south of Adelaide, between the beautiful family-friendly Aldinga Beach and the Aldinga Scrub Conservation Park, will give your team the rest they need, with special prices for our members. Debriefing by professional staff is available on demand. 

Other holiday houses on special MI members-only prices from our partners are available on our resource page.


Representation and advocacy on matters of mutual concern at a national government level.

Together we:

  • Work in unity as God’s children

  • Promote and showcase global mission opportunities and needs

  • Demonstrate integrity through compliance with high standards

  • Equip, train, care for and mobilise our workers

  • Build credibility through advocacy

  • Create efficiencies and partnership

  • Present our common needs and concerns to government

  • Gather and share information and resources

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