Application Fee

Associates / MI Friends Organisation

Once-off Associate Application fee is $200.


Only Associates of MI can apply to become a member of MI.

Applying organisations have to be registered with ACNC for a minimum period of one year.

Once-off Members Application fee is $500.

Annual Fees

Except for Bible Colleges, Churches, and Schools, membership level is determined by the organisation's gross revenue based on your latest ACNC Annual Income Statement submission.

MI membership runs from 01 July to 30 June the following year and all annual fees are due on July 1, annually.

All MI membership fees excludes gst.




LEVEL 1 - Gross revenue less than $500,000
LEVEL 1 - Gross revenue less than $500,000$1,000$650
 LEVEL 2 - Gross revenue between $500,000 and $3,000,000
LEVEL 2 - Gross revenue between $500,000 and $3,000,000$2,000$1,250
 LEVEL 3 - Gross revenue between $3M and $10,000,000
LEVEL 3 - Gross revenue between $3M and $10,000,000$4,000$2,600
 LEVEL 4 - Gross revenue above $10,000,000
LEVEL 4 - Gross revenue above $10,000,000$6,000$3,600
 LEVEL B - Bible Colleges
LEVEL B - Bible Colleges$500$500
 LEVEL C - Churches
LEVEL C - Churches$250
 LEVEL S - Schools
LEVEL S - Schools$1000

Additional Fees

  • Affiliate Member application fee $60 (+gst)

  • Affiliate Member annual Fee $200 (+gst)

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